24hr FC Museum

24hr FIELDCLUB Wildlife Museum
2006 to present.

This is not a museum displaying evidence of wildlife for the benefit of the human, but a museum displaying evidence of the human for the benefit of wildlife.

This growing collection of dated and verified archeological artefacts were found during contemporary farming activities at FIELDCLUB. The collection is displayed 24/7 on-site, at the mercy of the elements, in an assortment of salvaged wine-chiller cabinets. The cabinets' 12volt LED lighting is activated automatically at night and recharged by solar power by day - allowing passing wildlife to view the displays at any time. A timelapse camera is occasionally set up to monitor any interactions. So far, the resulting sequences have revealed a magpie, a robin, and some slugs taking a passing interest.

Image: Still from digital timelapse sequence.

Museum content


Extract from Museum catalogue (Museum collection kindly verified by Cornwall County Council Archeology Unit):