FieldMachine 1.0

FieldMachine 1.0 (Interactive Meaty Master: Self Sufficiency Calculator Table)

FieldMachine 1.0 is an interactive webtool designed by Paul Chaney and Kenna Hernly. It is used to create designs for personal low-impact zero-carbon food/fuel production systems based on what an individual likes to eat, and what kind of fuel is available for heating and cooking

FieldMachine 1.0 
allows for the collection of data during public interaction with the webtool. This data is used to create Hypothetical Reterritorialisations - designs for multiple self-sufficient Units based on the inputs generated by the public.

As chosen dietary options are entered, the FieldMachine 1.0 determines how much land is needed to produce each chosen food/fuel item, and how many people would have to be culled or relocated for the system to work within a restricted land area (such as the UK).

Each food choice on the FieldMachine 1.0 lists its corresponding calorific and nutrient values (taken from the USDA Nutrient Database: and the United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition). As each food has a given calorific value for a given weight, and an approximate yield in weight per hectare, it is possible to calculate how many square meters of land would be required to grow those precise volumes of each food annually. The FieldMachine 1.0 so far contains over 400 multiplying factors and equations to provide a reliable output. Square meterage required to provide meat, dairy and poultry products are calculated by first determining the feed requirements of the animals, known yields of fodder and animal feed crops, and then known yields of product per animal. Fuel requirements are calculated using standard heat loss calculations for buildings, and known fuel efficiencies for basic agricultural operations using conventional machinery and techniques.

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Images: Screen shots form the FieldMachine 1.0