A practical investigation into the varying effectiveness of different types of slug control to enforce the boundaries of our re-territorialized niche.
Slug'o'metrics Series: Three kinetic sculptures designed by Paul Chaney that employed progressively more complex technologies to perform the same task - the machines exacted, and simultaneously quantified, slug death in the gardens at FIELDCLUB. As each device became more accomplished in its use of diverse technologies, the user became further removed from the effective action of the device.

Slug'o'metric I

Slug'o'metric Device I
Scissor, census counter

Annual total - 1581

Slug'o'metrics II

Slug'o'metric Device II
Scissor, electric motor, brass, battery, census counter

Annual total - 968

Slug'o'metric III

Slug'o'metric Device III ( Triggerless Non-Complicitor/Remote Actuator)
Scissor, electric motor, radio reciever/transmitter, electronics

Annual total - 456